Crochet Tutorial: Yo-Yo Puff

crochet yoyo puff
Have you ever fascinated with the fabric yo-yo puffs to make this and this and this and this? If you can crochet, I have a crochet version to make those yo-yo puffs!!!!
As you may notice, this is not a normal crochet circular shape, it is a real double layer yo-yo puff just like the fabric version. I crocheted a summer hat for my daughter by using these yo-yo puffs… you will get to see this in my next tutorial [Update: click the summer hat link to go there]. There are so many great projects for fabric yo-yo, now we can transform them into crochet version…. may be a comfy baby blanket, what do you think?
Crochet yo-yo puff is not difficult to make, as long as you know how to do chain, treble, treble decrease and triple treble. Following are the step by step photos and instructions on how to crochet it.
Difficulty Level: Beginner, must know how to crochet tptr, tr, dc, tr2tog, sl st & ch
ch = chain
tr = treble
tr dec = Treble decrease (aka tr2tog – treble next 2 stitches together)
tptr = Triple treble
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
yo = yarn over
Yo-Yo Puff
Starting Ring: ch5, slst to first chain to form a base ring.
Rnd 1 : ch8, tptr19, slst to the 8th chain.
Rnd 2 : ch3, tr on the next st, *tr2tog or tr dec on the next 2 sts*, repeat * 9 times, slst to the dc loop. fo with at least 8″ long yarn tail.
crochet diagram yo-yo suffolk puff
learn crochet yoyo puffUsing 2.5mm hook or recommended hook size for your choice of yarn.
Starting chain: chain 5, sl st to the first chain to form a ring.

crochet yoyo puffRound 1: Chain 8, this is deem as the first st of your tptr.
crochet yoyo puffTo crochet a tptr: Yo 4 times, insert hook into the ring, yo, draw loop through (6 loops on hook), *yo, draw through 2 loops* 5 times.
crochet yoyo puffA finished tptr as the 2nd st of this round. Crochet another 18 tptr to have 20 sts in the ring altogether.
crochet yoyo puffSl st to the 8th chain of the first st to complete 1st round.
Next, we are going to decrease the st to make the back layer of the puff.

crochet yoyo puffRound 2: Chain 3, yo twice and get ready to crochet a tr.
crochet yoyo puffInsert hook in the next st, yo, draw loop through (4 loops on hook), *yo, draw through 2 loops on the hook*, repeat 3 times.
This deem to be the first pair of tr dec.

crochet yoyo puffCrochet tr dec for the next 2 sts; Yo twice, insert hook in the next st,yo, draw loop through (4 loops on hook), *yo, draw through 2 loops* twice to make the 1st st of tr dec. Repeat the same for the 2nd st of tr dec.
crochet yoyo puffYo, draw through 3 loops on the hook. Repeat another 8 times for the tr dec.
crochet yoyo puffSl st to the 3rd chain. Leaving a long end of about 8″.
crochet yoyo puffUse a tapestry needle to sew the chain edge of the 2nd round to the wrong side of the first round slightly away from the center opening.
crochet yoyo puffFinished yo-yo puff with 1st round as the right side. It is about 1.5″ in diameter if using 100% cotton DK light worsted yarn with 2.5mm hook.
Stay tuned to my upcoming post which I made a summer hat for my daughter by using these puffs.

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